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saving them. The meager information we have collected
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purulent conjunctivitis which is not at all less in
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an abundance of dfscussion and interpretation in literature, drama,
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.Lepachys colnnmaris, T. & G. Fl. N. A. ii, 314 (1842).
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At this conference many important health promoting agencies were
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there is nothing but the smallest remnant of kidney left capable
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ding fetal or neonatal jaundice, thrombocytopenia, other
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fever, lactophenine produces a great sedative effect. Delirium disappears
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geon, U. S. Marine-Hospital Service, for the physical exami-
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four days. Many reports were read, which we shall notice when they
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This was a most melancholy although instructive case, for
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Vaughn, V. C. Some remarks on typhoid fever among the Amer-
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front. This furrow forms the posterior limit of area 7 and a small,
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situation so favorable for manipulation as in the breast, is a
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practice that, following an effort by the owner to pass a broom-
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tated. Ledermann — Die Therapie der Ha%d- u. GeschJeclitskranliheiten
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& Billet, A.: Sur le Trypanosoma inopinatum de la grenouille verte de I'Algeri
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heated or otherwise unwholesome milk. Vetches affected
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was taken to boil at the neutral point to litmus and not to concen-
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fact, in order to call the attention of the profession to the inu-
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digestion, and, in this way, exerts a very strong inju-
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this is rarely necessary. If there be persistent pain,
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includes 1 of rheumatic pericarditis; 1 of rheumatic
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waiting for any particular kind. Any kind of vomiting, if it be
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of the same culture. One mouse died on the following day, with no bacteria demon-
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bly sick! — most of the way. I took one dose, by the advice of
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a decrease in viscosity. The injection of a quantity of one of the above
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voluntary motion and the active outward manifestation of intelligence.
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cers were re-elected. This choice of a chief executive for the
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electricity and of electrical instruments, and the principles
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Figure 3). On the other hand, the closure of the semilunar valves is
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Their researches have brDug-ht them to the discovery that th
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of the body, and to increase in a corresponding ratio in another organ at
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Chlorine Gas. This gas destroys the volatile effluvia of
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are inserted into the hollow of its helix, and the presence of magnetism in these
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sow had been sick for about three weeks and the pigs for about ten
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pecially exclusive of diarrhasa, the cases of which are extremely nume-
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'CAUTIONS: Intraocular pressure is increased therefore caution is required in administering to
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gatioB, and the conclusions drawn from snch dissections, though often differing from
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magnetic determinations, heating effect of currents, etc.
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opening; and, on this point as a guide, the counter-opening is made.
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of February, but supposed that it was due to a commencing gestation.
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of the ship. Purchase all the supplies (those relating
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mountain streams have cut deep ravines through it to the
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Gastric juice, as obtained from a case of gastric fistula in the human subject
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